Nachtblumen stands as a beautiful metaphor for the members of our society who appreciate music, art, flair and talent. When the working day is done, the night reveals its true beauty waiting to be released. A rebellious, wild community of all ages pursuing happiness and escaping the usual constraints and difficulties of modern life through culturally enriching ways.


Our mission is to bring this very community to you, providing a platform and allowing all beings of the night to become part of something bigger, something mind-liberating and yet uniting. Coming to you on a multitude of online and social platforms, the essence of Nachtblumen is a unified love of music, art, talent and all good things.


Above all, our relentless desire to bring a seamless presentation of the music, the people, the history and venues will never be satisfied. Integrity is everything. We give you a voice. The Nachtblumen journey will entail an engaging blog, articles, critically acclaimed contributors from the industry, guests, and more along the way. The exploration into a more transparent culture begins now.



The exploration into a more transparent culture begins now



Nadezhda Georgieva


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