Nachtblumen launch at Arena Club Berlin

After creating the Nachtblumen platform a bit longer than half a year ago, the crew is throwing a launch party at Arena Club Berlin

Nachtblumen is more than an event. It is a gateway. To a feeling. A consciousness. A beauty. A belonging to a creative urge that appears in the world as music, art, flair, talent. 

Through this gateway we enter the realm of the Berlin electronic music scene and club culture. Unified by our love for the music and unrestrained by prejudice and boundaries we are Nachtblumen. We come alive at night in the energy of sound and beauty, creating and supporting a platform for established and up and coming artists.

Our first event presents a taste of what is to come. With our community expanding across a multitude of online and social platforms we can all have a voice in promoting and supporting the outstanding artists of our time and developing local talent.


Podcast Series

Here is an exclusive podcast recorded by Andy Chiu, resident of Korner in Taipei, to set the mood for the party. Press play and enjoy his deep, hypnotic sounds.